Types of Garbage and How to Dispose of them(ごみの種類と出し方)


Types of Garbage and How to Dispose of them(ごみの種類と出し方)

In Yao City, the garbage from home by sorting garbage into eight different groups, ‘burnable garbage’, ‘recyclable garbage’, ‘plastic container packaging’, ‘PET bottles’, ‘landfill garbage’, ‘compound garbage’, ‘portable gas cylinders / spray bottles’ and ‘bulk garbage’.
Collectiondates are set by neighborhood, so please check the collection calendar.

As of October 1, 2016, Yao City changed the designated bags for household garbage. There is no change to the eight types of household garbage. The changes are listed below.
1. The volume of the bag for burnable garbage (可燃[燃やす]ごみ) has been reduced (45L → 35L)
2. There is now one bag for plastic containers/packaging (容器包装プラスチック) and PET bottles (ペットボトル).
3. There is now one bag for recyclable garbage (資源物), miscellaneous garbage (複雑ごみ), and landfill garbage (埋立ごみ).
Please note, however, that there is no change in the method of garbage separation. Please do not mix multiple types of garbage together in the same bag.
4. As of October 7, the former designated bags are no longer accepted.
If you still have any unused former designated bags, please return them to Yao City Hall or a branch office.
5. From October 1, 2017, the distribution of designated garbage bags will be only available at the Yao city hall.
☆Garbage will not be collected unless it is in the correct designated bag for household garbage. Designated bags cannot be used for garbage from shops or business offices, or from communal areas of apartment complexes or similar facilities.
☆Please deposit ‘portable gas cylinders / spray bottles’ in separate see-through bags. Place them next to the bags containing burnable garbage, on the ‘burnable garbage’ collection days.
☆The collections of ‘bulky garbage’, ‘recyclable home electric appliances (refrigerators / freezers, air-conditioners, television sets ((brown tube / LCP / plasma system)), washing machines/ dryers)’ and ‘extra garbage’ are carried out by reservation.Thespecial line for applications is #0800-222-9966 (no charge.) When calling froma cell phone or PHS, the number is #072-923-9966 (charge applies.) Calls willbe received Monday through Friday (including weekday public holidays) from9:00am to 5:00pm.
  • BulkyGarbage (payable, up to eight items per collection)

    The charge for bulky garbage is 400 yen per item. Ifthe total of the three measurements (height, width and depth) of an item ismore than three meters, then the charge for that item is 800 yen. However,there are exceptions for certain articles. For more details, please ask thereception center when applying. {Electric appliances that do not fit designatedbags (excluding recyclable home appliances, and computers with a PC recyclemark,) furniture, etc.}
  • RecyclableHome Appliances (Payable – you must pay the recycling cost and the collection/transportcost)

    Refrigerators and freezers, air conditioning units,televisions (braun tube, LCD, plasma,) washing machines, clothes dryers.
  • SpecialGarbage (Payable – you must pay the collection/transport cost)

    Garbage produced when moving house, high-volumegarbage produced from a major clearance (excluding recyclable electricappliances)
The garbage handbook etc can be found at the following link.


  • 粗大ごみ(有料・1回につき8点まで) 1点につき400円。なお、3辺(高さ・幅・奥行き)の長さの合計が3メートルを超えるものについては、1点につき800円。ただし、一部の例外品目があります。詳しくは、お申込みの際に受付センターにご確認ください。【指定袋に入らない電化製品(リサイクル家電・PCリサイクルマーク付パソコンを除く)家具類など】
  • リサイクル家電(有料・リサイクル費用と収集運搬料金が必要) 冷蔵庫・冷凍庫、エアコン、テレビ(ブラウン管式・液晶式・プラズマ式)、洗濯機・衣類乾燥機
  • 臨時ごみ(有料・収集運搬料金が必要) 引越しなどに伴うごみ、一時的にたくさん出るごみ(リサイクル家電を除く)


Contact details(お問合せ)

Concerning garbage collections(ごみの収集について)…Environmental Project Section(環境事業課) TEL 072-991-6254
Concerning special garbage bags(指定ごみ袋について)…Natural Resource Recycle Section(資源循環課)  TEL 072-924-3866