Concerning Water Supply(上水道について)


Concerning Water Supply(上水道について)

Procedure to start/discontinue use of water supply service(水道の開栓・閉栓手続き)

When using or stopping the use of water supply pipes, prior applications to the Water Service are necessary.  
Please inform us the address of use, user’s name and the faucet number or account number and the starting or cancellation dates, as well as a  telephone number (along with the new address when  it is a cancellation)


Payment by account transfer/at a financial institution, etc.(口座振替制と納付制)

Water charges can be paid by account transfer or at a financialinstitution, etc. based on the water bill. The Waterworks Department recommendspaying by account transfer, which is the most convenient method.

※Water charges cannot be paid by credit card.


<Payment by account transfer>

  • Thisis a system that automatically debits from bank accounts. Approximately 80% ofcustomers use this system.
  • It is easy to apply for an account transfer.Fill in the attached application form and submit it at the waterworks bureau or the bank counters using the bank registered seal on the form.If you would like to apply at a counter outside of Yao city, please check in advance whether they will accept application forms for Yao Waterworks Bureau.
  • You can also apply by mail. Please contact Waterworks Bureau, and we will send you the application form.



MizuhoBank, the Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation,Resona Bank, Bank of Kyoto, Kinki Osaka Bank, the Senshu Ikeda Bank, NantoBank, Kiyo Bank, the Daisan Bank, Kansai Urban Banking Corporation and TaishoBank

Credit associations:

OsakaShinkin Bank, the Osaka City Shinkin Bank, Osaka Shoko Shinkin Bank, EiwaShinkin Bank and Amagasaki Shinkin Bank

Credit unions:

DaidoShinyokumiai, Seikyo Shinyokumiai, Nozomi Shinyoukimiai, Kinki Sangyo CreditUnion and Mire Shinyo Kumiai

Labor credit associations:


Trust banks:

SumitomoMitsui Trust Bank

Agricultural cooperatives:

JA-GreenOsaka andJA-Osaka Nakakawachi

Post office:

Japan Post Bank


<Payment at a financial institution,etc.>

  • This is a method by which water charges arepaid by cash by the deadline appearing on the water bill (notification forpayment) sent by the Waterworks Department.
  • Payment can be made at the financialinstitutions on the above-mentioned list, Japan Post Bank/post offices locatedin the six prefectures in the Kinki region and the following conveniencestores.

Convenience stores:

Every One, Kurashi House, Cocostore, Community Store,Circle K, Sunkus, Three Eight, Seikatsu Saika, Seicomart,Seven Eleven, Save On,Daily Yamazaki, New Yamazaki Daily Store,FamilyMart, Poplar, Ministop, Yamazaki Special Partner Shop,Yamazaki Daily Store, Lawson, Lawson・Three F,other stores where a MMK machine islocated and Spar(Hokkaido only).




  • 金融機関の口座から自動的に引き落としてお支払いいただく制度で、約80%のお客さまにご利用いただいています。
  • 口座振替のお申し込み方法は簡単です。水道局または下記の金融機関窓口にある備え付けの用紙にご記入の上、金融機関お届け印を押印して、お申し込みください。また、八尾市外にある店舗窓口でのお手続きをご希望の場合、備え付けの用紙では、八尾市水道局の口座振替の手続きに対応していないことがありますので、あらかじめ手続きができるかどうかをご確認ください。
  • 郵送でのお申し込みも受け付けています。水道局へご連絡いただければ口座振替申込用紙を送らせていただきます。











  • 水道局からお送りする請求書(納入通知書)に現金をそえて期日までにお支払いいただく制度です。
  • 上記の金融機関(郵便局は近畿2府4県の区域内)と下記のコンビニエンスストアでお支払いができます。


エブリワン、くらしハウス、ココストア、コミュニティ・ストア、サークルK、サンクス、スリーエイト、スリーエフ、生活彩家、セイコーマート、セブン-イレブ ン、セーブオン、デイリーヤマザキ、ニューヤマザキデイリーストアー、ファミリーマート、ポプラ、ミニストップ、ヤマザキスペシャルパートナーショップ、ヤマザキデイリーストアー、ローソン、ローソン・スリーエフ、MMK設置店、SPAR(北海道のみ)

Contact details(お問合せ)

Water Service(水道局)   TEL 072-923-6302